Mnemonics, Properties, Dip_Azimuth

NameDip Azimuth
Parents Property > Plane_Angle > Azimuth
DescriptionAzimuth of the direction of maximum dip of a surface; dip may be computed in several ways, including from logs, from well-to-well correlation, from gradients on interpreted time or depth surfaces, etc.

Related children
Apparent_Dip_Azimuth_North Apparent Dip Azimuth wrt North
Apparent_Dip_Azimuth_Tool Apparent Dip Azimuth wrt Tool Reference
Apparent_Dip_Azimuth_Top_Of_Hole Apparent Dip Azimuth wrt Top Of Hole
Relative_Dip_Azimuth Relative Dip Azimuth

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