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Parents Property > Indicator
DescriptionAn indicator of which of two or more conditions exist, or of which option has been selected. Most flags are binary in nature with a Yes/No possibility.

Related children
Acquisition_Enable_Flag Acquisition Enable Flag
Adjustable_Choke_Flag Adjustable Choke Flag
Bad_Hole_Flag Bad Hole Flag
Bit_Bladed_Flag Bit Bladed
Bored_Flag Bored Flag
Cementitious_Flag Cementitious Flag
Central_Line_X_Alignment Central Line X Alignment
Closure Closure
Code_In_Catalog Code in Catalog?
Conn_1_Box_Flag Connection 1 Box?
Conn_2_Box_Flag Connection 2 Box?
Corrosive_Fluid_Flag Corrosive Fluid Flag
Crossflow_Flag Crossflow Flag
Data_Compression_Flag Data Compression Flag
Data_Presence_Flag Data Presence Flag
Derived_Inverse_Flattening Derived Invflt?
Derived_Minor_Axis Derived Minor?
Estimation_Flag Estimation Flag
Fault_Control_Flag Fault Control?
Gas_Flag Gas Flag
Geologic_Flag Geologic Flag
H2S_Flag H2S Presence Flag
H2S_Service_Flag H2S Service Flag
Hierarchical_Flag Hierarchical Flag
Included Included
Intrinsic_Safety_Flag Intrinsic Safety Flag
Lag_Usage_Flag Lag Usage Flag
Live_Trace_Flag Live Trace Flag
Log_Flag Log Flag
Logging_Cable_Flag Logging Cable
Lost_Time_Flag Lost Time Flag
Low_Power_Flag Low Power Flag
Mandatory Mandatory
Manual_Control_Flag Manual Control Flag
Memory_Guard_Flag Memory Guard Flag
Monophasic_Fluid_Flag Monophasic Fluid Flag
Monotonic_Flag Monotonic Flag
Multi_Intersection_Flag Multiple Intersection Flag
Multi_Valued_Flag Multi Valued Flag
Non_Magnetic_Flag Non-Magnetic Equipment Flag
Optimum_Flag Optimum Flag
Ordered_Flag Ordered Flag
Perforation_Pressure_Condition Perforating Condition
Polarity_Reversal_Flag Polarity Reversal Flag
Preferred_Flag Preferred Flag
Primary_Output_Flag Primary Output Flag
Production_History_Flag Production History Flag
Productive_Flag Productive Flag
Projection_Point_Mode Projection Point Mode
Projection_Quadrant Projection Quadrant
Read_Only_Flag Read Only Flag
Report_Flag Report Flag
Right_Handed Right-Handed Flag
Rigid_Flag Rigid?
Seismic_Flag Seismic Flag
Single_Shot_Flag Flag
Slant_Rig_Flag Slanted Rig
Standing_Oil_Flag Standing Oil Flag
Standing_Water_Flag Standing Water Flag
Station_Inflection Station Inflection
Supervised_Flag Supervised Flag
Terminal_Mode_Flag Terminal Mode Flag
Use_Checkshot_Flag Use Checkshot?
Validation_Flag Validation Flag
Vertical_Lift_Flow_Regime_Flag Vertical Lift Flow Regime Flag
Welded_Section_Flag Welded Section

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